Charlotte & Serra Hegewald

Serra ve Charlotte Hegewald ile bu sohbetimizde yarattıkları rengarenk Muni dünyasından ve bu süreçte yaşadıkları deneyimlerden bahsettik.

Photos: Elif Kahveci (@elifkahveci)

1) Greetings Charlotte and Serra! Could you tell us a bit about yourselves? Who are Serra and Charlotte Hegewald, where did you study, where do you currently reside, and what do you enjoy doing in your free time ?

Charlotte: I’m the child of a Danish family and came to Turkey at a young age. I met Serra’s father and decided to stay when Serra was born. I’ve been living in Istanbul for 33 years. During most of this time, I worked in the textile industry. Similarly, after Serra graduated from Fine Arts, she began working in the family textile business.

2) How did you start your brand Muni? What inspired you to do this?

In 2018, I left the family business with the intention of using what I had learned to start my own brand. During that time, I spent my weekends dancing, so having my hands free was essential. I stumbled upon the banana bumbag model in a Vintage Store and life became easier. Later, I wanted to add some color to this convenience for myself, as I knew that the only available color would be black. I designed the bag based on my own needs, and after a year of trial and error, I finally achieved the desired design.My mother was my biggest supporter throughout this process. Eventually, she left her own job and started working with me.

3) How does it feel to work together as a mother and daughter? There must be both positive and negative aspects. Can you tell us a bit about how you manage your brand and your relationship together?
Working as a mother and daughter is a wonderful feeling. We’re lucky that we complement each other like pieces of a puzzle. So, honestly, there aren’t many difficulties in this regard. We’ve unintentionally established some systems that help us. When our motivation drops, one of us becomes the motivating factor, which is crucial for us. This way, we can support each other effectively. During the day, I handle customers, packaging, and the creative side, while my mother focuses more on technical and strategic tasks. We make significant decisions together at the end of the day.

4) Where do you draw your inspiration from during the design process?
As I mentioned earlier, I drew inspiration from practicality and the absence of colors. Moving forward, I draw inspiration from users and my surroundings. For us, usability, practicality, and quality are extremely important.

5) If you hadn’t started your own brand, what field would you have liked to work in?

If I hadn’t started this brand, I would most likely have been in the field of event organization. I enjoy dreaming and making those dreams come true, and I believe I’m strong in interpersonal relationships. Charlotte, on the other hand, would have focused more on modeling, a field she was born into alongside Muni. Additionally, based on her years of experience, she might have become a consultant.

Charlotte & Serra Hegewald

6) How long has Muni Bumbag been around, and what was the most challenging and rewarding aspect of this journey?

The idea for Muni emerged in 2018. It officially became a company in 2019. The most challenging aspect was finding a manufacturer who believed in our dreams. After finding the manufacturer, the next challenge was achieving the desired quality. Unfortunately, in Turkey, due to fast consumption, our manufacturers and suppliers are accustomed to cutting costs as much as possible. Given that every product has a minimum order quantity, this was one of the biggest challenges for a newly established brand. The most rewarding aspect was when shops contacted us wanting to carry Muni. Additionally, our incredibly sweet customers’ daily support and kind messages have been wonderful. Their love for Muni is one of the main reasons we’ve grown without advertising. So, we’re grateful for them!

7) Colors seem to be a significant part of your life. What inspires you when creating outfits?

Yes, colors are a significant part of our lives. Interestingly, our clothing is usually in classic, simple colors, while our accessories are colorful. With Muni’s many color options, we can create a different feel even with the same outfit.

8) What does a shirt mean to you?

We consider it one of the most important pieces in a wardrobe. We could say it’s a must-have! In our opinion, shirts are seasonless and versatile. They can be easily worn and combined everywhere. Whether it’s at events, beaches, meetings, elegant dinners, or casual days, it’s an essential piece for us.

Charlotte & Serra Hegewald

9) What are your thoughts about the Bil’s brand and its products?

As former textile professionals, Bil’s is an old and reputable brand for us. With years of experience, it’s wonderful that they eventually established their own brand. In our view, the most important aspects of a product are its fit, quality of stitching, and fabric. These aspects are fully reflected in the brand.

10) We thank you for this sincere conversation and would like to request a playlist recommendation that you think everyone should listen to.

Thank you, and you’re welcome! 😊 My favorite playlist changes depending on my mood. Currently, I’m listening to songs like “Sunburn Surrender” by Capital Cities and “Sunny” by Biig Piig.

Muni Bumbag: @munibumbag

Charlotte Hegewald: @chegewald

Serra Hegewald: @serrahegewald

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